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      41Q3w5Fq9mL__SX679_.jpg 61By89PJVCL._SL1024_.jpg61TMYIfG29L._SL1024_.jpg61ucwTK7HLL._SL1024_.jpg71ku0iBfFoL._SL1024_.jpg81FW++lbvkL._SL1500_.jpg81N3cKb3pSL._SL1500_.jpgavantree-wholepage.jpg
      * Product length: 39.4inch (100cm)
      * Product weight: 470g(1.04lb)

      FREE YOUR HANDS: Are you a bit of a mutli-tasker? Fed up with arm ache when holding your cell phone? Then this flexible and sturdy phone holder is just what you need! Its large clip base makes it easy to position your phone at the ideal distance and angle for convenient viewing.

      LED LIGHT: You’ll be able to enjoy watching movies without any annoying distractions, as this holder comes with a non-flickering light, which has two light levels to prevent straining your eyes. It supports peripheral power. You can charge this phone holder with a USB adapter, USB port, power bank, and more.

      PERFECT FOR ANY PLACE: Who doesn’t love a lazy Sunday watching movies or listening to music in bed? And isn’t the gym so much more motivating with your favorite films and music to keep you entertained? This cell phone stand makes that possible. You could even use for viewing recipes in the kitchen or multi-tasking in the office!

      PERFECT COMPATIBILITY: Not sure if your phone will fit into the CP901L clip-on stand? It’s compatible with cell phones from 4"–6.3", so you could even share it with friends!

      NOTE: For large screen smart phones SAMSUNG S8, iPhone X, 8, Plus, 7, iPhone 6 (cell phones up to 6.3" ) etc. You need to bend the arm to “S” or “Z “or “3” shape to create multiple standing points, avoid holder shaking or falling down!

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