[Ultrasone]PRO-650 20th Anniversary Edition

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      PRO650 s/LE
      - 20th Anniversary edition

      20 years ago is it that the Bavarian headphone specialist Ultrasone presented its first products. On the occasion of this round anniversary there is now the Ultrasone PRO-650 20th Anniversary edition. Universal audio total studio Upgrade Ultrasone opened in the year 1991 its gates and always strove for still better technologies for ?the perfect ?headphones.

      The result after now 20 years are, apart from a outstanding call in the HiFi and studio industry, numerous patents (altogether over 60) on technical innovations. In addition naturally also those counts meanwhile extensively admitted and estimated S-Logic technology. Also the special model PRO-650 20th Anniversary edition profits from these technologies and developments. Ultrasone has its personal ?birthday gift ?settled in the pro series, which is already once promising, regards one the standard models in this row.

      The PRO-650 20th Anniversary edition has handread out, gold-coated transducers, which are to make a frequency range possible from 10 Hertz to 25 kilohertz. The Ultrasone PRO-650 20th Anniversary edition crowns the 20-year old Firmenjubli?m Bavarian Kopfh?er-Spezialisten.Die of the PRO-650 20th Anniversary edition presents itself also optically a special model sends accordingly. The headphones comes in elegant black and does not possess with the orangenen plaques in the Retro Design one not to neglect, ritual charm. But also with an anniversary model the technology may not stand back behind the Design and sets Ultrasone in such a way with the PRO-650 20th edition on proven technologies.

      The basis for a balanced sound are the gold-coated 40 mm of transducers, which are decentralized arranged in accordance with the patented S-Logic-technology and provide for a more neutral Klangbild with more optimized, spatially improved perception of stereophonic sound. The PRO-650 20th Anniversary edition two cables with 3,0 and/or 0.8 m are attached, which are connected by the screw connection with that headphones. Like all models of the pro series also the 20th Anniversary edition comes in the robust Pro Case into the trade. The practical Hardcase offers not only sufficiently place for headphones and accessories, but also ideal protection. In the Pro Case are among other things one pair spare ear pad, the initially mentioned two leads as well as a demo CD with sound examples.

      The Ultrasone PRO-650 20th Anniversary edition is available starting from July 2011 for 199.00 euros in the specialized trade. You find further information with the German selling, the Synthax GmbH.

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